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Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Exhaustion or Brain Fog?

If you’re battling with any of these issues, you’re not alone. Studies report that high levels of people have been diagnosed with:

  • Anxiety 18%
  • Chronic Sleep issues 18%
  • Depression 7% in one study, 20-30% in others
  • Fatigue & exhaustion – various reports put that number between 20-75% of people.

What’s Going On?

There isn’t one “right” answer, but chances are, you may be impacted by either the energy of the people around you, or the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) that bombards most of us 24/7. In this letter, we’re going to address the need for really deep sleep at night.

During the day, your cell phone, tablet, WiFi, computer, smart meter, even your household appliances could be causing your symptoms.

Your anxiety may be caused by outside frequencies; which could explain why all the things you are doing to help yourself are less than fully effective.

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with technology. EMF (electromagnetic radiation) and WiFi from our computers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart meters, cell towers, etc. That could be because intuitively we know that on some level these things aren’t good for us.

A recent study even shows that rats exposed to low levels of ELF-EMF for just 7 days exhibited anxiety-like behavior! If it affects rats, just imagine what it is doing to you.

Are you safe if you don’t use a computer?

Sadly no, EMF occurs where ever there is electric power. Most appliances put off 50-60 hertz which is still enough to create problems. Plus if you or even your neighbors have WiFi, you are still being bombarded by EMF.

Artificial lighting and exposure to electromagnetic fields, including that from your devices will disrupt normal sleep patterns.

You need healthy sleep to restore your system. But according to scientist Denis Henshaw, EMF and the constant stimulation of artificial light may interfere with our resting or circadian rhythms, and the light from our devices can be a major culprit. The blue light from devices can disrupt your sleep.

Did you know that the only time your body goes into the “rest and repair” mode is when you sleep? When you have EMF coursing through your bedroom, your immune system is busy protecting you instead of “rest and repair”. Getting regular, good, deep, healing sleep may address your issues with exhaustion and anxiety, not to mention your energy level the next day.

EMF Safety Tip #7 – Get Some Great Sleep!

Create a bedroom free from EMF Radiation to improve sleep and protect your body. Here are several suggestions:

  1. Use curtains or blinds to make your bedroom very dark!
  2. Eliminate electronics (TV, Computer, Tablet, Phone) from the bedroom. Keep a clock in there if you use an alarm. Do not use your phone as your alarm!
  3. Put your WiFi Router on an electronic timer. Have it automatically go off at night and come on in the morning at whatever times you set.
  4. Any stray EMF coming into the bedroom (even from your neighbors) will significantly reduced. This is a big tip – if you have EMF coming through your bedroom from Smart Meters or WiFi in the neighborhood, your body is still on alert instead of resting.

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