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What is Brain Tumor? What are the Causes of Brain Tumor?

We all are quite familiar with the name ‘Brain Tumor’. But how many of us know what Brain Tumor is actually all about? Very few. Well, having some knowledge about the tumor won’t hurt much. Or maybe this can prove…

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Cell masts: Onslaught of the silent, slow killers

Has your community been affected by the erection of or an application to erect a cell mast?If it hasn’t, judging by the flood of applications by cell companies to erect cell masts in residential areas, your community will be affected…

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Catholic school board accommodate son’s Wi-Fi injury

A Mississauga mother says she is protesting the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) so her son can go to school. Paulette Rende’s goal is to raise awareness about electro-hypersensitivity (otherwise known as Wi-Fi injury) and the need for digital…

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EMF Real Estate Inspection

EMF Inspection, Assessments and Remediation Solutions There has been increasing concern about the presence of dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF), especially in residential properties.  With the increasing density of housing units (densely packed condominiums) in urban areas, the multiplication…

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