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The Impact of Cell Phone Towers on House Prices -Nashville

This article examines whether proximity to cellular phone towers has an impact on residential property values and the extent of any impact. First, a survey approach is used to examine how residents perceive living near cellular phone base stations (CPBSs)…

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Letter: Dangerous Smart Meters

Public Utility Commission is working with utility companies to force “smart meters” on consumers. I am writing about the dangers of “smart meters” and the way the state Public Utility Commission is implementing Act 129, working with utility companies not…

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What is Brain Tumor? What are the Causes of Brain Tumor?

We all are quite familiar with the name ‘Brain Tumor’. But how many of us know what Brain Tumor is actually all about? Very few. Well, having some knowledge about the tumor won’t hurt much. Or maybe this can prove…

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VIDEO: Are smart meters harmful to your health?

RFR could lead to cancer and other ailments Since the controversial introduction of smart meters in the City of Johannesburg in 2015, many residents have complained of incorrect readings and meters running, even when the power is out. But that…

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Is WiFi a danger to our kids?

Investigates invisible risk lurking in schools WHO advisor warns of cancer time bomb fear Effects make life unbearable, claim sufferers EXCLUSIVE By Grace Macaskill A leading cancer expert has called for a ban on school WiFi networks over fears they…

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Why Smart Meter’s Are Dangerous

Smart meters are a part of an overall system that includes, where wireless is the means of transmission, a series of wireless antennas at the neighborhood level. The system collects and transmits wireless information from all the smart meters in…

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