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EMF Home Inspection There has been increasing concern about the presence of dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF), especially in residential properties.  With the increasing density of housing units (densely packed condominiums) in urban areas, the multiplication of EMF sources (electrical transformers, cell-phone towers, electrical transmission lines) and the plethora of household electrical devices (TVs, computers, wireless home networks) the levels of EMF that people regularly come into contact with has greatly increased.  There is also concern that the explosion in the use of cell phones is adding to this growth. Most disturbing of all is the thought that these fields cause increased levels of cancer.  There have been many news reports about this issue, dove-tailing with a large number of governmental and international health studies (EPA, World Health Organization, UK Sage Study). EMF Real Estate Survey/Inspection
  • House and property that is occupied takes 2-3.5hrs ($425)*
  • House and property that is unoccupied takes 1-2.5hrs ($250)
  • Before you by property that has cell towers within a quarter of a mile, transformers on poles within 50ft, electrical sub stations, or electrical transmission lines near the property…etc. Takes about 1.5hrs ($175) if you want a report an additional ($50)
The Gigahertz Solutions equipment we use for detection and measurement are specially designed for Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists. It is state of the art, the most sensitive available, certified and calibrated. When electrical or plumbing repair is required we can direct you to experienced and licensed contractors that are EMF aware. These readings are plotted on to an outline drawing of your property and house. The data gathered is compared to other common electric sources within your house. Many of EMF Solutions can be put in place during the assessment at no additional cost. We can help create a low EMF and RF environment in your property. The recipe to a successful outcome is following a systematic protocol in assessment, designing the mitigation plan if necessary, and verifying the achievement of the design goals. The steps for a low EMF/RF assessment, consultation and possible development of a mitigation plan consist of:
  • Assessment of low and high frequency background levels present on the property
  • Assessment of low and high frequency levels present in the building
  • Develop and design of a possible mitigation according to your benchmarks for sensitive areas
  • Consult on prudent placement in all sensitive areas
  • Design shielding concepts as indicated
  • Retain a qualified electrician to verify proper electrical installationand grounding system if indicated
  • Shielding implementation by qualified craftsmen
  • Measurements to confirm compliance to your benchmarks
  • Certification of the site or building
*No report -$100