I am writing about the dangers of “smart meters” and the way the state Public Utility Commission is implementing Act 129, working with utility companies not to protect consumers but to coerce them into having these dangerous meters installed on their homes and properties, against their will and without their consent, with the threat of having their electricity shut off if they fail to comply.

The studies showing the harmful effects of the radiation from electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, continue to pile up. These studies are being ignored, and residents are being told these meters are safe and produce less radiation than cellphones or Wi-Fi routers. This is untrue. These meters are an entirely different ballgame, and even though Wi-Fi and cellphones are also harmful, individuals who didn’t notice the effects of these are unable to function in their own homes after a smart meter is installed. There is a very informative TED Talk done by Jeromy Johnson, who describes his health issues that started after a smart meter was installed on his home. Such stories are becoming more common as the smart meter rollout continues across the state.

These EMFs are adversely affecting everyone, even if they are unaware of it. Some members of the population are so sensitive that they are unable to stay in their homes or workplaces because they are so strongly affected.

Residents should not have to fight to stop the utilities from harming them.