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Free Phone Conversation & Survey

All assessments begin with a free phone conversation and brief survey. We discuss any concerns you may have about your office and also gather general information that will assist in the assessment, such as size, age of building and type of technology used within the office.

Please make a sketch of your floor plan available (8.5″x 11″ or larger), and provide us with 4 copies of it ahead of our on site visit. On it please note the square footage, and anything you know about the construction materials used in your building (roofing material, siding, etc).

In-Office Assessment
An assessment typically takes about four hours. It can take longer depending upon the size of the office and issues encountered.

When we come to your office, we spend the first 15 minutes EMF 101 Introduction explaining the different kinds of electromagnetic fields and what causes them

We involve you in the investigation process, explaining the measurements and answering questions as we go through the office.

Radio Frequency
We use top-of-the-line Gigahertz Solutions meters from Germany, including the HF35C to measure wireless sources. We measure radio frequency levels both inside and outside the home, from sources such as wireless routers, cordless phones, smart meters, laptops, iPads,copy machine..etc., cell towers, and more. We help develop a strategy for reducing or shielding these exposures. The strategy and solutions may vary depending on a number of factors, including budget, whether one owns or rents their home, severity of exposure, and individual sensitivity.

Electric Fields
We use a TriField Meter Model 100KE low frequency analyzer to measure electric fields. We primarily focus on the sleeping areas, evaluating each bedroom to identify which breakers are impacting these rooms.

Magnetic Fields
We identify and measure sources of elevated magnetic fields. Sources include the following: High-tension power lines and local power distribution lines.

  • Faulty wiring in the offic, for example, if neutral wires from two or more circuits are joined together in a junction box. This requires a licensed electrician to fix. We provide referrals, including an electrician who is a highly experienced EMF remediation specialist.
  • Wiring errors in your adjacent office. If your neighbors office have wiring errors, then stray current can be transmitted into your home via the water pipes. We measure current on the water pipes to identify this issue. This can be remedied by a licensed plumber.

Dirty Electricity
We measure dirty electricity levels with a power surge meter, and also identify sources within the home that increase these levels, such as dimmer switches and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Often, dirty electricity can be substantially reduced by eliminating the sources.

Written Report
We provide you with a written summary of findings and recommendations, as well as data collection sheets with all the measurements. We also help you prioritize which are the most important EMF issues to address in your home.

The cost of a full assessment is $425. This includes up to four hours. Any time over four hours is billed at $100 per hour.

There may be a travel fee, depending upon the location of the assessment site. Please call for details.


Ask An Expert

  • Quick EMF Advice by Phone
  • Review digital photo
  • Review Email Question
  • Suggest Remediation


In-Home Assessment

2 - 3 hours
  • Test for Radio Frequency
  • In depth property inspection
  • Test for Dirty Electricity
  • Test for Electric & Magnetic Fields
  • Recomend Remediation & Protection


Phone Consultation

per hour
  • In depth EMF phone consultations
  • Several photos of the situation
  • Review important relevant details
  • Suggest Remediation