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In-Home Assessment


2-3 hours

Ask An Expert


10-15min Call

Phone Consultation


per hour

EMF Real Estate Survey/Inspection

  • House and property that is occupied takes 2-3.5hrs ($425)*
  • House and property that is unoccupied takes 1-2.5hrs ($250)
  • Before you by property that has cell towers within a quarter of a mile, transformers on poles within 50ft, electrical sub stations, or electrical transmission lines near the property…etc. Takes about 1.5hrs ($175)

Travel time (mileage etc) is an additional and charged at the Federal reimbursement rate.

Ask An Expert Free 10-15min Phone Call
You can start with Free Ask An EMF Expert phone call to help you get started right away. Call 615.559.0375 and leave your phone numberer and the best time to call back.

Phone Consultation
If your issue entails much more than a simple question, in depth Professional Certified EMF-Expert phone consultations are available in $50 per half hour increments.

Typically these are the sorts of in-depth consultations that will include the need for several photos of the situation, important relevant details or documents, and thorough question and answer. Taking advantage of our Free Ask An Expert 10-15 minute EMF phone is is a very good place to start.

Before Visa/MC or AmEx payment is processed you can select the quantity of half hour or hour sessions you need; we do our best to honor your requested dates and times on a first come first served basis.