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Letter: The threat from electronic pollution

South Corvallis’ “urban renewal district” is now experiencing ongoing, increasing impacts of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution on human health, the environment, and property values.

My South Corvallis house and backyard now have high microwave readings — readings warranting “Severe Concern” from experts at the Building Biology Institute, an international group of professionals specializing in building design, functionality, health, and safety (

Living in EMF unprotected homes or sleeping outside is now potentially more health impacting than recommended, following wireless communication devices’ deployment in defiance of alarming scientific findings.

Will property values and related taxes plummet as people discover this?

This is an EMF wake-up call. Primary impacts originate with cellphones and towers, recently installed “smart meters,” and other sources of electromagnetic pollution resulting in adverse human biological effects.

New digital utility meters produce high-frequency, variable-intensity, randomly-pulsed signals 24/7. Human cells lack specific protective mechanisms against such “freakish frequencies” in the 0.9–2.4 GHz range. Before we could adapt to such physiologically aberrant electromagnetic signals, we might go extinct, or logically remove or curtail such incompatible technologies.

The night “smart meters” were installed — two 50 feet away — my sleep deteriorated 30-40 percent in duration, depth, and restfulness, eventually requiring more than $1,500 in EMF mitigation expenses. My cat’s health deteriorated quickly, dying about three months later.

Children, pets, and smaller life forms are more susceptible to electro-pollution due to greater penetration of their smaller bodies and brains.

5G is microwave suicide! Naivete or denial won’t protect you.

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