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What is Electro Pollution/Electro-smog?

Radio frequency radiation is produced by cell phones and towers, cordless phones, wireless communication systems such as internet, games, alarm systems, baby monitors, smartmeters and others. Microwave ovens could actually be called radio frequency ovens.

Magnetic fields are produced by high-voltage lines and electronics, wiring errors, AC current flowing on plumbing, low voltage lighting appliances, electric motors, power transformers, baseboard heaters and fluorescent lights both large and compact.

Electric fields and body voltage are generated by lighting, switches, plugs, extension cords, power bars, TVs and other electrical devices powered by wiring in walls, ceilings, floors and outdoor areas.

Light Vibration Smog is the transmission of toxic frequencies through lightbulbs,computer screens, televisions and any other device that produces light which is transmitted to the eyes. We were designed for natural light. Since the advent of artificial light people have been suffering neurological diseases due to the frequencies transmitted.

Is Electrosmog Harming Your Health?

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