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We are Certified Electromagnetic Frequencies Home Inspectors & Consultants in Nashville

We live in a growing sea of electromagnetic radiation. These subtle forces
of invisible frequencies constantly swirl around and through our
bodies with ill effects, whether we are aware of them or not.
Nashville Tennessee
R. Chris Young, PE

(EH) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

EH is one of many new diseases and sicknesses that have developed because of man made pollutant that consists of AC Electric and Magnetic Fields.

AC/DC Electric Fields

Smart Meters, Household wiring, appliances, cables, computers, wi-fi, sound systems etc., and Static Electricity...

EMF Home Inspection and Business

Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Mt. Julie, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis

Electromagnetic Frequencies Inspectors and Testers
Health and Safety Concerns

Fatigue, stress , sleep disturbances, skin symptoms, pains and aches in your muscles, eye symptoms, such as burning sensations, and digestive disorders Infertility

AC/DC Magnetic Fields

High voltage power lines, transformers, appliances etc., and building materials, mattresses...

Electromagnetic Frequencies Consultants

Cell Towers, High tension power lines, Underground electrical subdivision conduits, 5G box placements

Our Services

EMF Home Inspection

Home Inspection  focus on sleeping areas and places where your family spends the most time. We test for…

Office EMF Evaluation

Similar to residential inspection, but includes the following, high RF radiation caused by proliferation of Wi-Fi…

Remediation of EMF Smog

Each type of EMF requires its own effective remediation method,to manage a healthy environment.

Find cell towers near you

Type in your zip cod and you will get a Google Map that shows Cell Towers and Antenna with information about each.

View EMF Infographic

EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields are invisible electric and magnetic radiations that interfere with our bodies.

EMF Pollution Advocacy

We educate and empower people by providing science and solutions to reduce EMFs to improve lives.

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Electromagnetic fields are all around us, affect health

In normal Whidbey life, the typical exposure of a child or adult to high-frequency, wildly pulsing, invisible, strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) is everyday common. We walk and sit through millions of times more EMF than occurred in our environment just...

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What You Should Know About Microwave & Smart Technologies Before It’s Too Late

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